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5 Creative Design Ideas Using Grids

Whether it’s marketing material promoting a collection of products or a mood-board for redecorating, grids keep your graphics looking slick and contained, and are an easy alternative to tricky image formatting. In the following article you will find 5 creative ideas using grid.

5 Design Ideas to Simplify Your Layouts

With so many different elements to choose from, it’s important to keep your layouts simple. This will ensure your designs not only look beautiful but read effectively. If you can’t wait to put these design skills into practice, jump ahead to the design tutorial at the following article.

Typography tips and tricks

In the following article you can familiarize yourself with typography tips and tricks. The author will show you how to create contrast in your designs using simple and effective type applications. Continue to explore the wonderful world of typography and make your message pop with original typographic application.
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Ultimate Guide to Responsive Web Design

Nowadays there are dozens of monitor resolutions including tablets and smartphones. Web designers have adjusted to this new environment by creating responsive websites using layouts that rearrange to fit any screen size. This article should provide a large swath of information beneficial to anyone new or well-versed in responsive techniques. You’ll also find plenty of great ideas to inspire that next creative project.

How to Design Social Media Images for Brand Recognition

The way logos, fonts and colors work together in social media images is an important part of gaining brand attention. In the following article you’ll discover how to make your social profiles and visual content align to reinforce your brand and catch your audience’s eye.

Examples of How Typography Brings Design To Life

Typography is the art and technique of arranging type. It involves the thoughtful and deliberate selection of typefaces, point size, line length, leading, tracking, kerning, color and any element that can affect a design. Readability is primarily the concern of the typographer or information designer. In web design, consistency is key in the use of typography. Under the following link you will find 15 amazing examples of websites with beautiful & creative typography.

11 Ways To Win Friends and Increase Profits with Your Facebook Page

Being likeable on social media isn’t all that different from being likeable in ‘real life’, although some of the strategies will differ slightly. The main point is that it is only through being likeable that people will come to trust you – and it is this trust that will ultimately put you top of mind when someone is ready to buy your product or service. In the following article you can read about 11 ways you can win friends, become ‘like-worthy’, and ultimately increase your profits on Facebook.

Should you repeat your tweets?

Facts and figures from 1M tweets It is mainstream that to share a news on Twitter one should repeat it a few times, for the simple reason that your followers aren’t up online on twitter all day and that they are likely to miss your great news.

Why Your Mobile Strategy Doesn’t Start With the Phone

The key to being successful with mobile is not to start with technology, but to start by looking at why humans are mobile, and what you can do to make their lives a little bit richer. In the following article Tom Webster write about why a mobile strategy isn’t about the phone, but at the very least, it shouldn’t start with the phone.

Usability Testing – Where & How To Begin

Most web designers feel that their job involves only designing an interface, making it look great and adding content. But the truth is, unless we are making some investment on usability tests, our websites will always lack the killer appeal. In the following article you will find out What Is Usability Testing? What Are Usability Testing Methods and Factors to Consider While Conducting Usability Testing